Oh Goat, you’ll find your way


I am doing what I can to find the path that suits me best, though it always seemed a lot less intimidating and frightening when I had the comfort of someone to shoot me a half ass’d smile and place a warm hand over my shaking frame while I held my head in my hands. It’s always more difficult to pull your head up when you have nothing but your own selfish lies and false truths to lean on. Building your own crutch is never easy and grows exponentially more difficult after years of using the strength of another to help your trembling confidence. The difficult struggle to maintain a constant sturdy footing in life is something that one forgets about after getting so used to such kind assistance for extended periods of time. There of course are times when you want to reach back for that helping hand that once guided you so effortlessly although it is a mix of pride, shame and fear of completely falling apart again that keeps your feet moving forward. A wise man once stated that “not all those who wonder are lost”, this is something that I remind myself when I realize how long I have been staring at my feet for.

I guess that these songs will pair well with the above paragraph as it is not only a stark reminder of my past and wanting to reach back for comforts of old but also gives a decent analogy of how it feels to want to be sought out and consoled again by said past ghosts. An admission of fear and sadness, maybe one of the most difficult things I have ever had to admit in my life.

Past personal references aside this bands new album comes out in a couple weeks and from what I have listened to already its fucking great. Please try it on, I am sure you will find a time when it fits just right.


The apple doesn’t fall far

In the past I have written a few posts concerning The Fleet Foxes or its lead singer Robin Pecknold in particular as I am a big fan of his music. Since listening to his music and that of The Fleet Foxes I have been hunting pretty hard for music that resembles this folk-ish genre and have had to look no farther than the other founding members of the Foxes as they have all began branching out and creating their own music. It was only a matter of time before these artists needed to expand their musical talents in other ways than that of Robin’s preferred direction.


Originally I found Poor Moon by using an app called (bandsintown-which is awesome by the way if you want to find out whos playing locally) on my Iphone when I had some down time and was just looking how to fill a particularly boring evening alone. After listening to a few sound clips and doing a bit of research on Poor Moon and finding that it was a couple of the members of the Foxes that comprised this new band I decided that a solo mission to this show was in order. After being blown away by the music that was composed by these members (Christian Wargo, Casey Wescott) I was even more impressed by how rad the guys were as they finished their set and walked into the crowd of maybe 30 people at The Media Club in Vancouver and mingled among the devoted attendees present. After sharing a few PBR’s with Casey Wescott and discussing the Fleet Foxes music and the new music of Poor Moon I purchased the Poor moon single and Vinyl and headed home quite impressed with my detective work as this was one of their first shows together and was very happy to have been a part of the start of something that I think is going to be quite popular in the music scene.

After making a bit of an effort to contact some friends that have great taste in music in order to re-vamp my collection I was shown the music of Father John Misty. Once again was quite impressed to find that J. Tillman ( the lead singer of Father John Misty ) was the drummer of the Fleet Foxes. From what I have read Tillman is quite modest about his contributions to the Fleet Foxes stating that he simply learned the drum sections that were basically already written for him as the songs and two albums were already nearly completed. That being said there must be something in the water around Seattle/Vancouver that enables these fine lads to create great sounding music. Either that or those boys found some damn good green and have put it to good use as all three bands make awesome music.

I’m pretty stoked to be able to see Father John Misty at the end of the month and encourage any folk music fans to check out these offspring bands as they are definitely worth a few minutes of your time.


Pictures work better than words

Another year is just about to wrap up. The honest truth approach would welch out about how difficult of a year it has been and how incredible it is when life changes before your eyes. But the past is the past, hopefully the future brings better things.

One song and a few pictures from this year.

To those who were beside me when I took these, to those who shared in the musical experiences, to those who had the time to grab sixers and just hang, to those who I bike rode with, to those who sat on my deck and just listened, to those who had time to ask, to those who made me feel at home, to those who made me feel like family, to those who had the courage to be honest with me, to those who told me they appreciated what I wrote even just once, to those I shared chair lifts with, to those who had the time to like and comment, to those who I should have never said anything to, to those I spent nights in random fields sharing the backseat with, to those I watched the sky fall with, to those I miss, and to everyone who has ever made time for me or shared time with me. Thank you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.
























Stoked on Snowboarding

Due to the upcoming snowboard season ( I say upcoming because I have not had the chance to get out yet) I decided to make a post dedicated to my upcoming two weeks off and all of the snowboarding/snowboard teaching that I will be hopefully doing during this time. I don’t know what it is about snowboarding and a good baseline but they go together like coffee and cigarettes or ketchup and mustard if you’re healthy an shit.
Usually my musical tastes range from folk, rock, metal, punk and everything in between but when I am on the snow I get amped as fuck on a good beat, especially if me and Mick are doing park laps.

I have spent some time this morning going through old snowboard playlists on I-pods and such and have come up with at least enough tracks to get you down a few runs or through a few park laps.

So stoked to get some time on the hill and spread the love of snowboarding  around like warm butter on toast.


When being daft leads to writing drafts

When I was young I figured by the age of 30 I would be quite resilient. I childishly assumed that the years of self abuse, rejection and masochistic behavior would somehow translate into an indestructible shell of armor, making me impervious to the wretched feeling of loss and despair. I desperately looked forward to a day when I would be stronger. I somehow thought that it would only be the younger years of my life that I would spend buried in my own thoughts wrestling with how I once again decided to take shots at my feet simply to spite my legs and how to recover. I honestly thought that I would grow patience, maturity, an overall sense of understanding and maybe even sprout some sort of self defense mechanism that would enable me to deal with the internal dry heave that is ;loss and the overwhelming realization that I should have just kept quiet once again.

What I have come to realize though unfortunately is the exact opposite. That in my youth I was so resilient and that it was my unknown sense of innocence and ignorance that kept me from taking in the full spectrum of painful events. It kept me from ruining myself through rampant self destructive thought processes and the over analyzation of said events to hopefully come to some sort of conclusion of what happened, and how to prevent myself from making such poor decisions again in the future. Now I find myself constantly trying to link comparisons to past related events in order to safely put one foot in front of the other rather than falling on my face continuously. The humorous result of this is simply this…If you spend long enough staring down at your feet in fear or stumbling, you tend to forget where you are going and the original direction that you intended on traveling. You spend so much time trying to reason with the feelings inside, you forget to look up and realize that you are again going in the wrong direction and more often than not you find yourself lost again.

Its not very often that I come up with a title to a post prior to writing the post itself, but today is different. Lately I have found myself writing more than ever. Not because I consider myself to be anything special when it comes to my pen scratching fragmented ideas and over zealous pronouns on rough pages of cheap notebooks. At some point this year decided that maybe if I could take the struggle out of my mind and transfer it to some other medium I would be able to calm the storm within. The result of this self experimentation is an abundance of “drafts” written between my blog’s draft section as well as scattered old notebooks in my home. I have no idea if I will ever use any of these paragraphs for anything other than reflection or if at some point they will serve a greater purpose when I finally am able to transfer thoughts, lines and analogies into musical lyrics. Here’s to hoping I one day will be able to write songs like these attached below and rid myself of this “overflow”.


The Tallest Man on Earth

An artist that has been growing on me for some time now and much more so lately  The Tallest Man on Earth. There are many things that I enjoy about this man’s music. First of all in my small opinion he has an uncanny song writing resemblance and sound to Bob Dylan, and I am a Dylan fan. I am also a big fan of not only the fact that he is quite skilled in the finger picking department but also his raspy voice that carries through his songs.  There is also something to be said for a man who simply walks on stage with his instruments and kills it as well. Not that I am not a fan of complex sounds that accompany the larger bands like Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes or The Arcade Fire but I find that there are times when simplistic solo sounds are more appropriate than big band music and multiple harmonies.

Originally from Sweden Kristian Matsson is a classically trained guitarist who likes to screw with me and plays in difficult tunings and often switches how he plays his songs on occasion as well. He states that the connection between him his guitar and his music is extremely strong and powerful and maybe this is why I gravitate more often towards his music as I also feel the same way about my shoddy guitar playing and my connection with music. Apparently known for his sense of charisma on stage and his presence while performing, the reviews on this man’s shows are all quite impressive and I am deeply saddened that I could not find tickets to his show this last fall and vow to see him when I get the chance again. I am going to try and leave live performances for the videos that I attach as it is quite easy to see this man’s love for music more so than simply linking album videos.



Still floating in the forth

Today may mean nothing to anyone else but for the rest of my life today will always remind me of a day I almost drowned in  a small room sitting in the middle of a frozen wasteland. I watched in awestruck horror as everything I had ever dreamed of and thought about for the six previous years turned away and disappeared forever. Picking up the pieces of myself that were instantaneously shattered and ground into small bits of sand has proven to be the hardest task that I have ever had laid at my feet. The days are still numerous where I wake up in a panic sweat, tortured by dreams and my own masochistic mind that for reasons unknown is hell bent on returning my semi consciousness to days that weren’t so torturous and side split tingly painful. Maybe an internal defensive mechanism designed to remind myself of better times?
This band unfortunately reminds me all to well of this time in my life, and the good times the preceded it as well. They stand to me as a cover to cover reminder of a time in my life when I felt like I had everything right. I was unbreakable, willing to take chances and step into the unknown. Ten feet tall and fully confident in all I was…until that day when my knees gave way and i folded like a well creased piece of Japanese paper on the floor. Half completed and discarded with noticeable flaws, cracks and with no one left to help fill in the blanks and gaps. I hate, when I feel like this and I never ever. Ever. Hated you.
There has been little I have been able to find to quell the storm that rages within myself. Anchored only by good friends and family that care about me I put my head down and did my best not to ever look back and tell myself that if you really did wish for the best, that it’s best to just let go. Deal with your own problems without forcing angst, anger and sadness onto said other individuals. I did my best. Forgive my faults, slips and shortcomings.

Funny how it takes me a years worth of though and paragraphs of garbage to try and even describe the last year of my life…yet the first 8 seconds of State Hospital could have done it all for me.


Clouds of uncertain days

There are times when I struggle with what to write about simply due to the fact that I am bouncing quite A.D.D’ily though songs faster than a speeding 6 year old through his Halloween candy.  There are times also when I listen to a few artist that I have already written about that particular week and feel that it would be a bit of a cop out to write posts on artist previously mentioned and I procrastinate until I find myself hooked on something new so that the post doesn’t seem stale or forced.

I think that I have found a way out of this now though. I do not plan on concentrating on a new band that I have found rather I am going to list off a good eight to twelve songs I have found myself adding to my playlists lately.  Some will most likely be from artists previously mentioned but maybe different songs. Then there will be others that I plan on talking about at some point I am sure, but just feel like throwing their names into the mix for now. I am unsure of how many videos the site will allow me to attach to this post so I will include a list as well. All of these songs are at least worth a listen if you find yourself bored some day and need a few new additions to your own playlists.


Brand New-Sowing Season
Smashing Pumpkings-1979
Avett Brothers-I and Love and You
Northcote-Free Tonight
The Tallest Man On Earth-The Gardner
Grizzly Bear-Two Weeks
Tokyo Police Club-Favourite Food
White Denim-Heart from us all
Father John Misty-I’m Writing A Novel
Foo Fighters-Razor (skin and bones acoustic)
Led Zeppelin-The Battle of Evermore


Thrice is a band that I have been listening to for quite some time now. I was originally introduced to Thrice in high school when I was making my musical transition from classic rock to punk, alternative and metal. Originally I started listening to their early albums such as -Phoenix Ignition, -The Illusion of Safety and -The Artist in the Ambulance. The roots of these albums can clearly be classified as punk or hard rock. The band relied quite heavily on off time beats, complex timing changes and were very much reliant on heavy lead guitar riffs and good old fashioned hard tom and snare smashing drumming. Thrice was one of my first forays into harder punk music and even early metal. The first song I heard was -To Awake And Avenge The Dead, a song I still listen to on a very regular basis. After falling in love with the simple yet metal inspired guitar riffs and fast timed drums I dove in further and have never really looked back.

Over the years the band has definitely changed their tone quite a bit, exploring many different sounds and styles of writing and creating music. It is almost hard to even hear the old Thrice when listening to their new albums as they have basically moved completely away from their punk and hard rock roots and have focused on a much softer and melodic genre of music which is almost difficult to classify due to their ever changing sound.  Elements such as keyboards, electronic beats and a much different style of writing and vocalisation make up their albums now. A much more complex and well thought out sound for sure.

I am sure that there are those old fans that have stopped listening to Thrice due to the new direction that they have brought their music to but I have continued to listen and still enjoy their new albums quite a lot. I will never forget the old sound that was Thrice and still listen to their old albums religiously but I also do not dismiss their new writing and style and have good things to say about both old and new. I will say that the old vocals were some of the best punk and hard rock vocals I have ever heard. I had and still have nothing but praise for Thrice`s vocals. I remember listening to the old albums and thinking to myself “If I could sound like anyone in a rock band it would be Thrice“. I still think that if I was to play in a rock or punk band that I would gravitate towards a style inspired by the boys in Thrice.

Now comes the time to include a couple samples of this beauty band which is proving to be difficult considering I cannot link as many as I want and have to pick and choose from a ton of great albums which unfortunately will not show the progression the way I want to. Regardless, here are my top picks of old and somewhat new.




In Dethklok we trust

How do you even begin to describe an album like the Dethalbum 3? What started years back with the orginal Dethalbum which was just a soundtrack to the most metal cartoon known to man has since snowballed into one of the best metal bands ever created. The third instalment of the Dethalbum has just dropped and just as was expected… IT’S METAL AS FUCK.
I will not attempt to quantify the metal that is brought by the boys of Dethklok. But straight up…if you have never watched Metalocalypse you are missing out. Here are three new tracks from the new Dethalbum.




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